It’s Time for a Sale!

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As some of you may know, I have a small-but-growing Teachers Pay Teachers store for which I’ve spent quite a bit of time building products. I’ve been recently updating some of my older files and adding a bunch of composition worksheets, since composing and improvising is something I’m really striving to include more of in my own classroom. To say thank you for my supporters, I’ve decided to throw a 15% off sale, Thursday 3/23 through Sunday 3/26! 

Here is a preview of some of my new and updated items, including some sugary-sweet peeps for Easter!



New TPT store developments


Teacher friends, there are a few hours left in the February Teachers Pay Teachers sale, and it’s inspired me to jump into creating more resources and really trying to expand my store. The hardest thing about starting a store in the last year is that it feels like all of the wonderfully-creative ideas have already been taken, and if I’m not careful I’m just creating redundant products! I’ve decided to make items that really pertain to my classroom and what my students will use, and hopefully others will find some use for them, too.

Two of the biggest type of resources that I want to utilize more in my classroom include interactive resources and composition resources. This year, I have a SmartBoard at both my schools (WOO HOO!) and we are loving using it with our QuaverMusic subscription. I take any chance I can get to have my students up leading class or driving our lesson, even if it just means pushing the “Next” button on the slideshow page. So why not combine our constant need to practice music literacy with interactive features?

I created the first of several resources in this line of thinking and posted my first one online just now – it’s called “Pizza Melody Practice: Sol & Mi.” I developed it to be a new way to practice melody flashcards – I’ve paired the objective with a fun concept (pizza toppings!) and made it so the students run the lesson and I, as the teacher, can step back. The students choose the melodies based on what pizza topping they click or tap on, and they even have an opportunity to improvise a short phrase here and there, as well! I’ve included a few thumbnails here to take a peek, but you can get a full preview and even purchase this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Don’t forget, if you are shopping late this evening in the February sale (2/7-2/8), enter ‘LOVETPT’ at checkout to save up to 28%!