High or Low

It’s cool and drizzly today – it’s easy to feel introspective and calm on a day where nature is sleepy. Today, I found a quote that resonated with me – as I grow older and meet new people and situations throughout my life and career, it’s sometimes excruciatingly hard to stay centered and strong and to be the better person in our encounters. If I’m always following the rules and being kind, I don’t feel like I can – or have the chance to – win. Bad things can happen to good people, and that is just not fair – I work too hard at being a kind person to have karma occasionally backhand me.

Sometimes, this feeling can just be fixed with a hug or a good glass of wine. But sometimes, you just need Michelle Obama to back you up. 

Today, I choose joy. 


Author: CornerLotCornucopia

I'm the mother to two loving cats, a teacher to hundreds of young musicians, a wife to a musician and homesteader, and the author of a small blog documenting our journey through suburban homesteading.

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