Feeling Irish with Potatoes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve heard an old wives’ tale that says you should plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day to harvest by July 4th. Last year, we planted our potatoes on St. Patty’s Day in a raised bed of sorts and I think we might do the same this year to combat the tough clay soil. Here’s a peek at last year’s beautiful potato plants – Evan always says that if we were to pick only one plant to sow that he would pick potatoes because of their beautiful and soft leaves!



Author: CornerLotCornucopia

I'm the mother to two loving cats, a teacher to hundreds of young musicians, a wife to a musician and homesteader, and the author of a small blog documenting our journey through suburban homesteading.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Irish with Potatoes”

  1. I just wrote a draft for a post about planting dates and sayings…my grandfather said always plant potatoes when the peonies were hand high, which will indicate soil temp rather than a date. Happy planting….it’s sleeting here, so I’m not planting anything yet!


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